Guess Handbags Are A Popular Fashion Accessory!

Guess is a widely recognized brand name that most people associate with clothing. But Guess handbags have made their way to the forefront with the creation of many stylish and unique designs. The Guess handbag is now a must have amongst the fashion elite due to the many desirable colors, styles, and designs of handbags. Guess is a popular designer name that both women and teens love to wear, so you will notice women of all ages carrying Guess designer handbags.

Guess offers very unique and stylish handbags that catch the attention of all women. The Guess barrel handbag is a popular style that offers a clean polished look. Materials such as croc print, jacquard, and vinyl with the Guess “G” logo are common amongst the Guess barrel handbags.

The Guess satchel handbag is another favorite that comes in a variety of materials and styles, and also sports the “G” logo. The Guess satchel goes with almost anything and looks very stylish. Something important to consider when buying a handbag is how much space you have inside. The Guess satchel handbag seems to be quite roomy allowing for all the personal items you like to carry with you.

These are just a few of the handbag styles offered by Guess. Check out the internet for a wide variety of handbag styles and designs by Guess and you are sure to find one that you like.

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Warning – Eating This Chocolate Will Better Your Health!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Well there are some but for the majority of us with a sweet tooth we just can’t resist that second, third (is there any need to go on?) bar of that lovely, creamy, succulent chocolate. The chances of feeling guilty after eating those lovely bars of chocolate are quite high.

We all know how difficult it is to find great quality chocolate that is not only low in fat and sugar, but low in carbs and made with natural sweetener. The chocolate also contains what is known as Inulin. Inulin is a dietary fiber that is a pre-biotic. This means it is good for your body on the inside and the outside. It helps digestion and promotes good health throughout.

So, just because you want a low carb, low calorie diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the good stuff. We make all of our chocolate with real cocoa butter and it is packed full with fiber-rich Inulin. Even if you are not on a diet, what better way is there to have a treat without having all the guilt that goes along with it?

I happened to find a place where none of the chocolate contains maltitol and is truly delicious and nutritious to boot. They use Erythritol and not maltitol, the chocolate will not cause you any stomach distress as it is easily digestible, sweet and so tasty.

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that is from naturally derived sources, it looks and tastes just like normal sugar, but it is much better for your overall health and weight. It is a sugar alcohol that is made from plants or starches. It can be found in grapes, in mushrooms, in cheese, wine, beer and many more sources. It doesn’t upset digestive systems and is gentle on your body. Erythritol contains almost zero sugar and helps assist a healthy and low calorie diet.

The place I’m talking about is a PA based firm . Their chocolate is so appetizing, just looking at the pictures will make your mouth water. They ensure you will be satisfied with our chocolate as it is made with love and care. You can have any of these melting in your mouth in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

So even if you love chocolate and can’t bear to give it up while you are on a diet or looking to eat healthier, theirs an answer to your problems. If you love chocolate the way they do, do check out their specials. Enjoy this amazing and succulent chocolate without any of the guilt or despair afterwards.

Life is too short to cut out what we love to eat, that is why one should go out and pamper yourself with a little indulgence of chocolate. You won’t have to sacrifice your health or your love of chocolate.

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Lesbian Celebrity Hairstyles – Check Out The Different Styles

Lesbian Celebrity Hairstyles have set the trend for many fashion conscious women around the world of all sexual persuasions. And with good reason! If you’re wondering what hairstyle is in fashion, then looking at the various celebrity hairstyles is a very cool place to begin.

But, there are some important things to consider before you copy those particular hairstyles whether you’re looking at lesbian celebrity hairstyles or what others.

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles – Mistake #1 – Too High Maintenance

Do you have a team of hair care professionals on call to tidy up your hair at a moment’s notice? If not, don’t expect your hairstyle to remain looking fabulous all day. If you like the look of a particular celebrity hairstyle, ask your hairstylist how much work is involved in producing and maintaining the end result! It could be more than you’ve bargained for!

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles – Mistake #2 – Wrong Style For Your Face Shape

Does your shape face suit the particular celebrity hairstyle you like? It may look absolutely great on your favorite lesbian celebrity but it may do nothing enhancing for your look!. Here are the different shape faces to consider: oval, rond, rectangular/oblong, square, heart-shaped, triangular, and diamond. (Keep reading to discover how you can quickly and easily test out for sure, how the different hairstyles would suit your face):

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles – Mistake #3 – Avoid Trying to Make Your Hair Something It Just Isn’t!

Is your hair type suited to the lesbian celebrity hairstyle that you’d like? Some styles are created by the use of a flat-iron to get the straight look. If you want a style that is dead straight and you have hair with a natural curl, this is going to take some time!

On the other hand, if you want the romantic, long locks of curls and your hair hasn’t a single wave to it, you’re going to need a salon semi-perm or daily curling. Try to find a celebrity hairstyle that fits your hair type for ease of maintenance.

Copying Celebrity Hairstyles Of 2006 – Mistake #4 – Get A Different Hairstyle Without Being Sure What It Will Really Look Like On You

Nothing is worse than the acute embarrassment of a hairstyle that looks out of place with YOUR face! And let’s face it – you’re not going to really know, until it’s possibly too late!

But the internet has made it possible for you to actually get a very good idea of what different celebrity hairstyles would look like on YOU! Services are available where you can quickly and easily upload a picture of your head and shoulders, and the internet program will display different hairstyles on your photo, so you can make a careful and informed choice, and avoid any painful embarrassment!

See the links below to discover how you can choose from amongst the famous celebrity hairstyles, including choosing from lesbian celebrity hairstyles, and make the best one for you, yours!

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Designer Handbag Shopping Guide

Designer handbags are something that many women would love to get their hands on, since they are fashionable, high quality, and carry a brand name that is known around the globe. The only problem is that designer handbags can be very expensive depending on the brand, and not everyone can afford to fork over hundreds of dollars for a new purse.

Because of this, many women look to “discount” stores for buying their designer handbags. Unfortunately that usually translates to no discount at all since they charge retail price and rarely offer discounts or sales. The benefit of purchasing directly from the retailer though, is that one can be fairly sure they are purchasing an authentic handbag, rather than a fake that someone is trying to make money off of.

Of course the best place to purchase designer handbags is from the manufacturer themselves, since they will definitely be authentic items. Downside is that a manufacturers store can be quite expensive as you will most likely be paying full MSRP price. Sometimes they are offered at a discounted price because they are either from last season or not selling in the main retail stores, but that is often not the case for a good designer bag.

Another option is a designer handbag outlet store which can be found all over the country and on the internet. These discount outlet stores offer the same quality designer handbags from some of the most popular brands, including Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Louis Vuitton, and much more.

If you do decide to purchase a handbag elsewhere, there are a few things that should be considered to make sure you are actually purchasing an authentic designer handbag. Replicas are sold all over the country on a daily basis, and can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you are looking for.

The first thing to consider is the price the handbag is being sold for. Nobody in their right mind would sell a handbag for $200 if it is well over $1000, unless it is either fake or stolen. You may be able to get a good discount if you do decide to purchase from a location other than the brand retailer, but a deal like that is too good to be true and most likely a scam. The exception would be a used handbag, that is authentic, that someone just wants to get rid of regardless of price.

Another thing to look for in determining the authenticity of a designer handbag is to look for obvious flaws that should be noticeable, such as the signature pattern found on various designer handbags. Because it is against the law to use the exact pattern found on authentic handbags, most counterfeit bags will consist of a slight variation. Pay attention to the detail on the inside and outside of the bag, and if the pattern does not look exactly like an authentic designer handbag you have seen, it is most likely a fake.

Designer handbags can be expensive because of their quality, since they are made out of high quality fabrics and materials and are made to be sturdy and last a long time. A fake will most likely have cheap looking parts and the stitching may look crooked, since the time and effort was not put into making the fake handbag. The most important factor to look at is the label on the inside of the purse, since authentic handbags will have it sewn right into the purse. Fake purses usually have glued in labels, which is a sure sign that it is a scam and not truly authentic.

It is possible to get a great deal on designer handbags, but one must be aware of the scams and tricks people try to get away with. If you do decide to purchase a handbag from somewhere other than the actual store or outlet store, make sure to check the purse over before making the purchase. Although finding a great deal on a designer handbag is something almost every woman wishes for, you must use caution and common sense. Do that and you will find a designer handbag to fit your style and budget.

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Science Fair Project Ideas That Win Awards – Project #18 – Candy Science


The aim of this experiment is to find out which colors are used to coat well-known colored candies using a technique called color chromatography.


A method that science fair experiments use to differentiate between various components of a mixture or solution is called chromatography. In case you have a colored mixture, paper chromatography can help you see each color component differently on the paper.

Do you remember what happened the last time when a water drop fell on your inkjet printout? The water spread along the capillaries of the paper, and in the process it carried along with it the particles of ink, giving your printout a smudged or blotted look. The same process that ruined your printout can be used in science fair experiments for a good purpose. Again, this process is known as paper chromatography.

In this experiment you will compare the Rf value of food dyes used in colored candy with the Rf value of components of food dyes that you know.


M&M candies, minimum 30 paper strips, wide-mouth jar, ruler, pencil, salt, tape, toothpicks, water, red, blue and green food colors.

Note: Use paper strips of size 3cm x 9cm or whichever size suits you. All strips should be of the same size. You may use white coffee cone filters or special chromatography paper.


  1. Mark each paper strip with the color that you will apply on it.
  2. Mark a 2 cm border at the bottom of each strip placed vertically by using a pencil. This line will be used as the origin line where you will apply a spot of the candy color.
  3. Now dissolve some dye from the candy to be tested. Place a candy on a water drop on a flat plate. After about one minute, remove the candy. Dip a toothpick in this colored drop. Apply the candy color in the form of a spot on the origin line on the chromatography paper.
  4. After the spot dries, repeat the same procedure three times more in order to place sufficient dye on the paper and allow it to separate out. Make five different strips in the same way. We make 5 different strips to get five different Rf values and then find the average, something that is often done in science fair experiments.
  5. Now repeat steps 3 and 4 for the second colored candy that needs to be tested.
  6. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the third colored candy that needs to be tested.
  7. Now take some known food dyes and repeat steps 3 and 4 for each dye.
  8. Prepare 1% salt solution as a chromatography solvent by dissolving 1/8th teaspoon of salt in 3 cups of water.
  9. Pour just a little amount of this solution in a wide-mouthed jar.
  10. Tape your spotted chromatography strip onto a pencil. Now place the pencil on the mouth of the jar in such a way that the strip just touches the solvent surface.
  11. Allow the solvent to rise up due to capillary action, taking with it particles of the dye. Once it has almost reached the top remove the strip and mark the height the solvent has travelled by using a pencil.
  12. After the strip dries, the Rf value for every candy color must be measured. The same must be done for the known food dyes.
  13. The average Rf of the 5 repeated strips of each candy color must be calculated. The same must be done for the known food dyes.
  14. Compare the Rf value of the candy colors with those of the food dyes. Which candy color matches which food dye?

Record your findings to show the exact colors contained in each candy as the success of science fair experiments depend upon the data recorded and the results displayed.

Source by Aurora L.

The Labrador Retriever’s Arrival to America

Labrador Retriever became famous in 1920 along with American Sportsmen. In America in 19th century Labradors were known as “English Retrievers”. Some of them had already made their way toward coast and also a small number of them were placed in American shooting kennels. Before 1920 these dogs were used as setters and pointers. The American Kennel Club first rolled up the Labrador retriever in 1971 which was brought from Scotland. The name of the dog was Brocklehirst Floss.

In the past, the method of shooting in United States was different from the method followed abroad. Then cluster from the Ease coasts that were full of buff bind with the Britain. They started training the Labrador Retriever along with them. As they found these Labrador to be more familiar and were little they could teach the method of doing shooting. This fascinated them to not only bring the excellent Labrador dog but also tempted to bring Scottist teacher to America.

The Labrador Retrieval Club was established in 1931 and in December of the same year demonstrated its first assessment. The contest took place in Chester, New York. There were 16 entries in which one was imported. Carl of Boghurst was the champion in this contest. The possessor of this yellowed dog was Mrs Marshal Fields. Presently more than 150 auditions takes place in a year for Labrador retriever due to recognition of this annual event.

The Labrador Club of America on 18th May 1933 organized the first specialty demonstration contest. Boli of Black was the winner for that year, amongst 34 participants. Boli possessor was Franklin P. Lord. He acquired it from the British breeder, Lady Howe, who was first American bench winner Labrador retriever.

The first American champion of the Blind of Arden was The Arden kennels of W.A. Harriman.

It showed the dynamic energy on the ground. And among the female who won the on the ground of Decoy of Arden was the small friend. Mr. Harriman was appreciated for breeding the exclusive Labrador from his store. The best American kennel till date was made by him. He was also praise which comprises of four dual winners, five ground winners, and eight bench winners. He also achieved much victory which moved down from this line. From the other entire dog the most unblemished celebrity of the Arden Labrador was Shed of Arden. The possessor of it was Paul Bakewell. According to him all the Labrador must show good aptitude, attractiveness, and cleverness on the ground. It should also have the capacity to generate an excellent offspring.

One of the friends of Mr. Harriman’s Decoy along with Dr. Milbank’s Ch of Earlsmoor created a garage and from this Earlsmoor Moor of Arden appeared. In 1938, 1939, 1940 and 1943 Moor started gaining victory in the Labrador Club of America Annual Speciality. This was an amazing achievement who had won the national specialty five times frequently and none other dog of any breed could achieve it.

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Some Fall Winter Designer Handbag Trends for 2014

Gone are the days when fashion used to be only about clothes. While clothes and the way you dress still form a part of what we call fashion, accessories like luxury bags have new style and trend coming out each season.

If you love buying these bags, know that you can find different designer bag designs and trends each season. With fall approaching soon, what are the new designs and fashion trends with respect to these bags?

Everybody knows that designer bags are appealing and have expressive features. However, what are the handbag trends that we really need to keep a watch out for this summer?

Here is a look.

Satchel Bags

The share for larger handbags is going down and being replaced by the likes of the satchel bag. While large bags do offer a lot of room to store a woman’s belongings, women are looking for alternatives today. However, in the event that enormous totes are your interest, you can find some incredible ones. What is coming to replace these large bags is the satchel bag. The satchel is a kind of bag that can be used to hold mild to fairly heavy things. The versions like reptile skin, printed variants and woven colors are all famous now.

The suitcase shape

Briefcase handbags form different patterns and have the best versions of mixed bags. What works for this type of shape? The briefcase shape is sure to give a total professional look to businesswomen.

Envelope as well as folded bags

These bags have their own followers. Be it adding a new subtlety to the look, color, style and comfort the envelope and folded bags would be the designer bag choices for many women this fall.

Exceptional Forms of Bags

There are bags that mix in invention and with looks. The 2015 sack drift is one such example. These have some truly remarkable outlines, structures, themes and a wide array of striking colors.

Bucket Bags

The most blazing bag pattern of the spring/summer 2014 season, bucket bags can perfectly pass on to the new winter season as well. Add in an extraordinary touch to your daily looks. Coming in different innovative structures and styles, the bucket bags are different and what you may yearn.

Of course, there might be new trends to look forward to. However, do not forget that some handbags like tote bags sell every season and classic designs always find a market among women.

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Lucky Money in Red Envelopes For Chinese New Year

During the Chinese New Year, young people who greet their elders with a happy and abundant new year are handed lucky red envelopes by the elders. These envelopes are really good luck for a youngster because these have money inside. The lucky red envelopes are called “hong bao” in Mandarin, or “lai see” in Cantonese.

Symbolism of the Lucky Envelope

Giving money during Chinese New Year is considered lucky for both the giver and the receiver. Those who give will also invite the flow of money in during the entire year. Giving these envelopes also symbolize that the family luck is also passed on to the children and the unmarried teens/ adults.

Red as usual is the luckiest color, as it symbolizes life, so it’s appropriate that Chinese New Year items are colored red. Hong paos have assorted designs, such as that of happy children, Chinese characters for abundance and greetings, animals of the zodiac, etc. The Chinese word for red (“hong”) also sound like “plenty”. Thus it is believed that money wrapped in red will make money multiply.

The money inside the hong bao is called Ya Sui Qian. Ya mean suppress; Sui sounds somehow like evil spirit. Qian means money. Therefore, Ya Sui Qian means money that can suppress evil spirits. It is believed that this lucky money can also help kids be safe and healthy for the year.

Giving the Hong Bao/ Lai See

Money in even amounts, except for 4, is considered lucky. 4 is not a good amount to put into the lucky envelopes because the Chinese word for “four” sounds similar to the sound of “death”. A good way to gauge the amount to put into a hong bao is roughly the same amount as a candy bar. An adult can give 1 envelope, while married couples usually give 2 envelopes. It is said that in some parts of China, only mothers give away the hong bao.

The young people accept these lucky envelopes graciously on Chinese New Year with a sincere thank you (that’s “xie xie” in Mandarin or “doi jeh” in Cantonese.) They often give thanks while kneel-bowing 3 times.

For good manners sake, the hong bao should not be opened in the presence of the giver. The receiver may only do so after leaving the giver.

The lucky money inside the hong bao is recommended to be kept and not spent immediately. Young people are encouraged to save their money. And besides, it is believed that this money brings luck and wellness so might as well keep it.

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The Beauty of African Fashion Garments

African fashion design is well known all over the world due to its boldness and uniqueness. These are also the qualities due to which it has been readily embraced by the Western fashion world. These garments are made beautiful due to the creativity and style that goes into their creation. The culture, spirit and nature of the African continent are eloquently represented in these garments. There are many aspects of African fashion design that makes it truly original and incredible, along with bringing with them a part of the African culture.

Most of the African designers prefer to take age old color traditions and translate them into multiple layers of complexity, combing different styles and patterns that are surprising in their detailed craftsmanship. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith have especially made African glamour and prints quite popular by deliberately wearing clothes designed by African designers. Some of the renowned African fashion designers include Deola Sagoe, Coker and also Ozwald Boateng.

It is true that African fashion design has been majorly impacted by Western fashion and this is the reason that many designers have chosen to channelize their penchant for cultural diversity into their love for fashion. The intricacy and depth of these African creations makes the fashion industry all the more colorful and richer. This is also true that all these garments are not produced by Western designers.

Many famous and well celebrated African fashion designers are specialized and known for their quirky brand of African inspired dresses, suits and course trainers. Many African fashion brands are an outcome of the innovation and creativity of these African designers. These high fashion brands would easily be wearable and this factor can clearly be seen in the garments under these brands. Although the designs and patterns of these garments are clearly not based on Western fashion but the basic cut and stitching pattern of these clothing items are very comfortable to wear.

As a result of this pragmatism African fashion garments has created a high popularity in the fashion world. The success of African design clothes can also be attributed to reviving a mass applause by those who have a huge following for African culture. These African designers are the main force running behind these exciting African brands and they are really doing great work to promote African prints across the world. People are simply loving these funky, natural & exotic prints with all range of clothes.

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Buying Designer Handbags – 3 Handy Tips

Buying designer handbags can be expensive and sometimes you wonder how women are able to make those purchases and still have money to spare for the month. That does not include other monthly purchases yet!

A lot of women are now buying designer handbags online. Thanks to the growing reputation of retailing on the internet and the ability to accept credit cards online. Even debit cards are being accepted online now.

One way to make sure you get the most out of your spending, you should only buy authentic designer handbags online. You won’t want to spend your hard earned money on some fake goods, would you?

When women look for designer handbags, usually they fail to remember that handbags are useful only if it is able to keep their belongings properly however the most stunning handbags are also usually not practical for proper usage. They may have some missing features in a normal handbag.

You don’t want the handbags you buy to end up in the store room or cupboard either. You should be able to take pleasure in your expensive purchase and perhaps flaunt it in your next outing.

Secondly, when you intend to buy that dazzling designer handbag and discover that the price is beyond your budget, you should wait for the sale season instead. The handbag you are eyeing could have their prices slashed during over-stock sales and even during the off-season.

It is a no-brainer really! Women love sales and the same can be had for designer handbags as you’ll be able to grab your favorite brands at spectacular prices.

If budget is indeed your main concern, sales could be your best bet. You don’t want to spend a hefty amount on the full price and then see it slashed to half the price during end-of-season sales. You will certainly feel the pinch hard. In fact, you could have used the change to even buy an extra handbag. Think about it.

Last but not least, you can set aside some money monthly for new designer handbag purchases if you are on a budget. Let’s face it, women simply love handbags and must have at least one designer brand in their collection.

However, you do not want to be trapped financially due to any impulse buys so saving some money will help you get that striking handbag. The wait could definitely be worth it and no one will be hurt financially buying designer handbags.

Source by Sofia Saliem